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Past Members: Where Are They Now?

It's bittersweet to see our members graduate, so we checked in with them to see where they ended up in the world and how science communication is a part of their career.

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Nir Oksenberg

Nir OksenbergPrior role: Member

Current position: Senior Environmental Scientist; Science Communication as the Delta Stewardship Council (a California State Agency)

My roles as a science communicator with the Delta Stewardship Council are to 1) Translate the best available science regarding water in California into a digestible format so it can be understood and used by policy makers, water managers, and the public, and 2) Foster communication among scientists and stakeholders to ensure the exchange of new scientific information.

Advice for Science Says members: Take advantage of writing on the shared blog! It is a great thing to link to when writing cover letters. Also, take advantage of the network!

Opportunities: Want to spend a year in a Natural Resources Agency? Check out California Sea Grants State Fellowships. You can also contact me ( if you are navigating the California State job application process.


Eric Walters

Prior role: Social Media Co-Chair

Current Position: Science and Technology Fellow with the California Council on Science and Technology

I work in the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality to analyze bills, as well as assist the chair in staffing bills.

Advice for Science Says members: No one I have met in the Capitol has actually cared about what my research was, but every single interaction has benefited from the communication skills and enthusiasm I learned and honed in Science Says.

Opportunities: CCST Science and Technology Fellowship


Debbie Fetter

Debbie FetterPrior role: Social Media Committee

Current position: Lecturer with Potential for Security of Employment at UC Davis

I am an Academic Senate faculty member appointed to help meet the long-term instructional needs of the university through excellence in teaching and leadership responsibility with instructional development, curriculum design, course structure, teaching methods, new technologies, and coordinating a spectrum of teaching activities.

Advice for Science Says members: Science Says gave me the chance to meet people across disciplines that are passionate about science communication and to engage in professional development opportunities.



Samantha Tucci

Prior role: Social Media Co-Chair

Current position: California Council Science and Technology Policy Fellow

I am working in the California Legislature as a science fellow, currently serving on the Senate Committee on Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee.

Advice for Science Says members: Science Says kept me sane during graduate school, and gave me a much needed creative outlet, an opportunity to express my passion for science in general, and introduced me to some fantastic people. The skills I learned working with Science Says were integral to me landing the CCST fellowship and currently help me in my day-to-day life in the Capitol.

Opportunities: CCST Science and Technology Fellowship


Shannon Albers

Shannon AlbersPrior role: Facilitator

Current position: Social Media Contributor

I am a Social Media Contributor for the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS). I support the vision of CalPERS as "a respected partner, providing a sustainable retirement system and health care program for those who serve California" through their social media channels. This position is a mix of storytelling, news reporting and customer service.

Advice for Science Says members: Working with Science Says gave me experience in social media, organizing events, networking, and mentoring. There are so many possible ways to participate within the group that there is something for everyone. Love to write? Create a few posts for the blog! Like to talk to people? Volunteer to table at events! My time with Science Says was spent with inspiring students who I learned so much from. I'm grateful for the opportunity.


Jenna E Gallegos

Jenna GallegosPrior role: Leadership

Current position: Postdoc, Science Writer, News Editor

I work in a synthetic biology lab at Colorado State University, write for various media sources, and manage the news section for the journal Synthetic Biology.

Advice for Science Says members: Science Says provided my first formal foray into formal science communication. The projects I worked on as part of Science Says helped lead to my selection as a AAAS Mass Media Fellow. The skills I developed and notoriety I achieved in the process have led to several additional opportunities including speaking and writing engagements.

Opportunities: AAAS Mass Media Fellowship



Alice Martinic

Prior role: Leadership

Current position: I'm finishing my PhD in Summer 2019 and am currently applying to jobs in student services in higher education.

I'm excited to translate my skills from graduate school to an academic administration or education development position.

Advice for Science Says members: Science Says helped me to realize my passion for translating science across disciplines, and how important it is to know your audience. Without this opportunity, I would not have the translation skills necessary to succeed in a career outside academia.

Opportunities: I am currently a Teaching Assistant Consultant Fellow through the Center for Educational Effectiveness at UC Davis, where I design and facilitate workshops to help graduate student instructors be more effective.


Brittany Anderton

Brittany AndertonPrior role: Member; Advisor with focus on science communication training

Current position: Associate Director of Research Talks at iBiology

iBiology is an independent non-profit in San Francisco that makes freely available online videos for the teaching and communication of life sciences research. As Associate Director of Research Talks, I help oversee the video production pipeline, develop flipped courses with our online content, and oversee an annual science communication competition for trainees.

Advice for Science Says members: Working with SciSays helped me hone my scicomm training skills (I previously led Message Box and AAAS 3M Framework trainings with SciSays members, and recruited a training offered by The People's Science), which helped me get my current position!

Opportunities: I will be leading a Science Communication workshop at UC Berkeley's Beyond Academia Conference on March 1. On March 6, I will serve as an expert panelist at the UC Davis Lean into Your Career event.



Don Gibson

Prior role: Leadership (Membership Chair)

Current Position: Field Organizer - Scientists for Mike

Don Gibson, 2019 PhD from Integrative Genetics and Genomics, currently works on outreach to the scientific community for the Mike Bloomberg presidential campaign.