Science REALLY Says

According to news headlines, science says a lot of things, but what do we really learn from scientific studies, and how do these findings impact our daily lives?

Wading through science-related news can be difficult, but science isn't an elite league of geniuses or a collection of hard facts. Science is a process of gathering evidence from carefully controlled tests to gain understanding of the natural world. Our goal is to empower everyone to investigate how scientific findings impact their daily lives. We're cultivating a community of science communicators to demystify the scientific process and challenge misconceptions. So what does science really say? This project seeks to ensure scientific data is accurately represented in the media, by writing timely responses to viral news coverage of new studies. These posts include an analysis of the study cited by the media, comments from the authors of the study and other experts in the field, and the scientific consensus on the topic drawn from review of the scientific literature.