Vaping, according to science

Electronic cigarettes’ popularity has sky-rocketed in the last few years. Often called e-cigs or vapes, these devices hold liquid that is vaporized and inhaled. They simulate the experience of smoking real cigarettes or can be used as a cessation device to help people stop smoking. Whether vaping presents a major health risk is a hotly debated subject. Many people fear that vaping poses just as large of a health concern as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Others argue that vaping is a casual hobby with little to no health risk. 


Think Responsibly: Your Vodka-Red Bull Isn’t Exactly Like Cocaine.

Media outlets recently reported that mixing caffeine and alcohol has the "same effect" as cocaine. These articles, which refer to a study from Purdue University, have headlines that make you think twice about downing that vodka Red Bull. However, before treating UPROXX like the new WebMD, we should step back and unpack the central claim being asserted.


What exactly does it mean to say that caffeine-mixed alcohol has the same effect as cocaine?