Nasal Sprays Aren't Just For Allergies

Flu season can be stressful, especially if you’re afraid of needles. But what if you could receive your flu shot as a nasal spray instead? Research shows this noninvasive, intranasal delivery method may be possible in the near future but there are difficulties.

Stem Cell Therapy: The Future of Healthcare?

In recent years, stem cell therapy has garnered a significant amount of attention. Are stem cell based-therapies for regenerative medicine the answer to an aging and ailing population? First, we should discuss what stem cells are, and why researchers want to use them in medicine. Then how could stem cells be used in the future, and what major step the healthcare industry, as a whole, will need to take to use stem cells for therapeutic solutions on a mass scale. 


Diversity in Healthcare: Necessary Changes for Better Medicine

When discussing the most desired advancements in healthcare, a common phrase thrown around is “finding a cure for cancer.” However, it is unlikely there will be a single miracle drug developed to be a global cure-all for such a deadly and ubiquitous disease. Cancer is multi-faceted and varies widely from person-to-person, where in the body it affects the patient, and when it is detected. While there won’t be one solution to “cure cancer” there are several things that the healthcare industry can improve on in order to bring the dream of “curing cancer” closer to a reality.