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June Newsletter

This summer, we're continuing book club and want your feedback to help us plan for the upcoming year! Read on to find out more, and please share widely with your networks.

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Science Book Club

We're reading In Search of Schrödinger's Cat by John Gribbin for our virtual summer book club. We encourage you to shop locally and pick up your book at The Avid Reader in downtown Davis. The first meeting is Tuesday July 6th at 6:00pm.

 To learn more and get on the email list, check out the link below.

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Sharing SciComm Projects

Do you have a cool science communication project you'd like to share? Are you interested in trying blog writing? Email us at

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Driving Impact Through Art and Science

Why do people consider themselves an "art person" versus a "science person?" We invited Stephanie Fine Sasse, founder of The Plenary, to explore a different viewpoint: instead of treating art and science as separate entities, why not have them work together?

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Resources, Opportunities, and Virtual Events

Let us know if you hear about any resources or opportunities that our group may be interested in!

Interested in Joining Leadership?

Are you interested in planning and executing science communication events or spearheading a social media strategy? Maybe you have a science communication project of your own you want an outlet for. Join Science Says Leadership, and get experience doing all of the above! 

Please fill out the form below to see the requirements and be considered! If you have questions please email Sydney at

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Let's Network!

We're looking forward to hosting our annual networking event to kick off our year this fall. We want to be conscious of the pandemic and your comfort with such an event. Please provide us with some feedback below so we can get planning.

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Transfer Student Mentorship Opportunity

The Transfer Research Society is looking for graduate students to mentor transferring researchers. The time commitment for a graduate mentor would begin in the Fall 2021 quarter, in which graduate mentors would be active on their Discord in answering questions, providing feedback and guidance, etc. For more information, click the link below or contact Christian Pratt at

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